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We love vanilla, but so many of the available products have an artificial tone that we don't love. We chose our vanilla oil after testing several options. Then, we tried to come up with a clever name for a familiar favorite. Several bad alliterations later, we decided on Vivacious Vanilla because ours is a fun, lively scent that will make you want to dance in the streets. Just watch out for traffic! And look both ways before crossing.


Need to unwind at the end of the day? Have some minor aches and pains that make you long for a warm bath? Our salt soaks combine the benefits of Epsom salts with our Vivacious Vanilla Essential Oil to provide a relaxing, soothing bath experience.

Vivacious Vanilla Essential Salt Soaks

SKU: SoakViVaLg
Sales Tax Included
  • Essential Oils and Epsom salt

  • Two 5 oz. bags of Vivacious Vanilla Essential Salt Soaks

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