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Mint is a classic, familiar scent. Many people find it soothing when they have a headache or are feeling tired. Combined with the tea tree oil, you're a lot less likely to smell like Grandpa's favorite candy. Instead, you should get a comforting scent, perfect for self-care at the end of a long day, or to give you the will to get through the day ahead. Both tea tree and peppermint can be awesome for particularly dry, itchy skin.


Need to unwind at the end of the day? Have some minor aches and pains that make you long for a warm bath? Our salt soaks combine the benefits of Epsom salts with our MinTea Essential Oil to provide a relaxing, soothing bath experience.


MinTea Essential Salt Soaks

SKU: SoakMinTLg
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  • Essential Oils and Epsom salt

  • Two 5 oz bags of MinTea Essential Salt Soaks

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