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Really like the scent of lavender, but don't want to smell like Grandma? Same! We adore the soothing scent of good lavender, but we didn't want the moth-balls-and-crazy-cat-lady mustiness that comes with some lavender products. Whether you're using it for relaxation, for its calming effect, or just because it's your favorite scent, we think you'll love our Lavender Lace!


Put a little bit of our Lavender Lace Essential Oil in your diffuser to help relax, particularly before bedtime or when you have time to really kick back and de-stress. You can also add a couple of drops to your bathwater to add an additional element of relaxation. Put a couple of drops on a folded cloth and slip into a drawer or closet to add a hint of lavender to your wardrobe. A couple of drops in a mixture of water and distilled vinegar is a great natural cleaning solution. We offer this in a premixed rollon to use instead of perfume or cologne, as well.


Lavender Lace Essential Oil

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  • 10 ml. of lavender essential oil in a dark, glass bottle

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